chopperkingz party 2012 ,first time for our friend jonathan in britanny he came with our other friends the Rogues mc !! great times under the rain and the begining of a long story with britanny ,holland and America !! Big Fred from portland was here too !! photo by Francky from the Bikers free .

New chopperkingz !!

New member Seb aka Seb Cycles , Welcome man !!!

Sancho chop part 2

let's go start to work on this shitty frame !!remove all molding ,all paint ..

Polish the Engine ...

make the sissy bar and other parts ...

Call a friend with a old french phone !!attention ├ža va couper !!

Gabin 's chop parts 1

After 9 months the baby is born !! Gabin aka Sancho this man make the design for our Tshirts ,and is a really good friends of  the chopperkingz ,he bought this sportail, nothing was well for a good ride !! It's his first bike and for the first you need to work hard ,and Sancho understand that !! Welcome in the real chopper life ,it's a not a TV show hahaha !!

the good suprise ,and it's just the begining !!
molding is not hte best thing !!
we worked on all welding !

The bike when she arived ,look not so bad !!

Soon a new chopper in brittany !!

Cool ironhead soon on the Road ,70's choppa !!

MOVE AROUND Next issue !

chopper wheelie

go Johnny go !!! Jonathan Deathtraps California !!

Winner of the Plab's Choppers

Marvin 22 years old and Jimmy's cousin won to the plab's choppers party with his really cool Panhead ,Congrat man ,trophy made by Ricko Plab's choppers !!

Be a man ,Ride a .... ha no sorry !!!

Plab's choppers party

Last week end we was to our friends the plab's choppers ,an other great party this year ,
the weather was just like in north britanny ,rain rain and rain ,but great moment ,10 choppers on the road for go the party just nice !!! 2% POWER !!!

Nostalgia week end

Marco was last week end to the nostalgia week end organising by Xav and Lionel aka the preacher !!
great private party ,lot of good vehicules ,bikes ,cars .... and good guy's !!!