Harley JD 1926 Chopper !!!

Find this for sale on the net , just cool to make a chopper with a old engine like this !!!look really cool !! perfect for a boardtracker chopper !!!!

Art tank

                                                                         Janis Joplin

BOOGIE BEACH Britany ,here we are !!!

Marco organise his famous party the boogie beach !! pre 84 only !!old bikes and good fun !!

show bike verona Italia !!

Manu and friends Groleg ,El padré ,l'etincellant ,and the famous Roro de Nantes was to the show bike of verona in Italia ,really good bikes and good times !!

Support chopperkingZ !!

Super Cool Shovel 70's
amazing streets in italia

Look like a logo we know !!

el padré with the Ness family

El Lobo this guy make 2 big road trip around the world with his harley !!  

Violette Aka Purple of Vulcanet ,and the Pervers El Padré

ham ham and ham 


This year, choopers from all europ are to this famous show make by our friends the Rogues Mc, and here we are in april