chopperkingz party 2012 ,first time for our friend jonathan in britanny he came with our other friends the Rogues mc !! great times under the rain and the begining of a long story with britanny ,holland and America !! Big Fred from portland was here too !! photo by Francky from the Bikers free .

New chopperkingz !!

New member Seb aka Seb Cycles , Welcome man !!!

Sancho chop part 2

let's go start to work on this shitty frame !!remove all molding ,all paint ..

Polish the Engine ...

make the sissy bar and other parts ...

Call a friend with a old french phone !!attention ├ža va couper !!

Gabin 's chop parts 1

After 9 months the baby is born !! Gabin aka Sancho this man make the design for our Tshirts ,and is a really good friends of  the chopperkingz ,he bought this sportail, nothing was well for a good ride !! It's his first bike and for the first you need to work hard ,and Sancho understand that !! Welcome in the real chopper life ,it's a not a TV show hahaha !!

the good suprise ,and it's just the begining !!
molding is not hte best thing !!
we worked on all welding !

The bike when she arived ,look not so bad !!

Soon a new chopper in brittany !!

Cool ironhead soon on the Road ,70's choppa !!

MOVE AROUND Next issue !

chopper wheelie

go Johnny go !!! Jonathan Deathtraps California !!